The Hovawart

The Hovawart is originally a very old German utility dog ​​breed. The name means 'court guard', an indication of the original task of this breed. The type of dog already existed in the Middle Ages and was bred again in the first half of the 20th century, based on dogs similar to the type: large farm dogs, long-haired and with hanging ears, as were still found on farms.
The Hovawart is a medium-sized, powerful and long-haired utility dog.

The coat of the Hovawart is long-haired, slightly wavy and smooth with little undercoat. The Hovawart is available in three different colours, namely:
* Black blonde
* Blond
* Black

Height and weight
The height at the withers of this beautiful dog is between 58 cm and 70 cm.
Bitch height at the withers: 58cm - 65cm
Male height at the withers: 63cm - 70cm
The weight of males and females varies from 25 kg to 40 kg.

The character
The character of the Hovawart is balanced, good-natured and has an average temperament. In addition, the Hovawart is known for its good defensive instincts, very good nose and alertness. All this makes the Hovawart also very suitable as a family dog.

The health
Health is central to the breeding of our litters.
We are affiliated with the Board of Directors and follow their guidelines.
This means, among other things, that we are concerned with the health of the Hovawart and the breeding of healthy litters. Research into hip dysplasia and DNA research into degenerative myelopathy in the parent animals is a mandatory component.
 Both parent animals must also undergo a breeding suitability test or MAG test.