February 2024 Puppy news!

Angel is pregnant. We are extremely grateful that we can welcome another litter of beautiful puppies in March 2024!
The waiting list is currently still open. For more information, please contact us via the contact form.

February 2024

The results of the Winner of Winners competition are in!
And what cool results :) .
Dushy's Diamond finished in a nice 4th place out of 15!
Of course, full praise for all owners of Dushy's Diamond who took part.
Great to achieve this result together.
2 Dushy's Diamantjes even ended up in the top 10 of the 76 Hovi's.
A result to be proud of together!
Below is an overview of the results. And for those who want more information about the wow competition...
take a look at:

January 2024
First of all, we wish everyone all the best for 2024.
We hope for a year in which we can make many people happy again with fun gatherings and handsome puppies!
We also hope that 2024 will be a loving, but above all a year in which people give each other something.
Unfortunately, we see a lot of war and misery at the moment.
People who don't want each other anything, arguing about things that aren't worth arguing about!
For me a reason to run one step faster!
When we look at the dog world, we sometimes hear and see things that make me wonder why??!!
Breeders who do their utmost to bring a good litter into the world. Working hard and hard to give future owners a buddy for life! Stay awake 24/7 if necessary, to give the animals the best care they deserve....
Unfortunately, there is sometimes a small group of people who feel it necessary to cause unrest and misery.
Posting false reviews on websites where advertising is advertised, Google, etc....purely out of your own frustration.
Don't bother putting it into perspective any further.
Anyway...I think several good breeders recognize this story directly or indirectly.
For those people who have doubts about a puppy....never just rely on the stories you see and hear.
Also check whether the breeder is registered with Bazoeki, for example. Only breeders are mentioned here who breed the way we like to see it. With love for his/her breed and having everything well organized!
Visit the breeders and follow your instincts! Because this one will never let you down :) .
We can also announce that we are busy with a new puppy resort :) .
The puppies will soon have the luxury of discovering the new puppy world inside and outside (of course when they are old enough).
Our living comfort is becoming a bit smaller, but we are happy to do so hihi. We look forward to seeing those little ones running and fooling around.
For now we wish everyone, people and animals, a very beautiful and loving 2024!

Today the 3 of us were out for the dog show in Bleiswijk.
Charlotte with Otis, Lisa with Mozi and myself with Mac.
It was a pleasant hustle and bustle. After we had a nice chat, Mozi was the first to start things off!
And with success! A wonderful commentary and Best Puppy including a ticket for the ring of honor!
Then the young males, including Charlotte and I, were allowed.
Charlotte managed to beat us with Otis :) . They received a wonderful 1st place with an excellent. Mac and I were allowed to do it with a very good :) :) :) . But that didn't spoil the fun. So proud of them and secretly a little bit of myself too when I saw their beautiful report.
Mozi was allowed to enter the ring of honor at the end of the afternoon and managed to finish in the last 6! A beautiful result for the 1st time.
All diamond toppers!!! Below are a few snapshots of this fun day.

October 7, 2023
The day of the reunion.
What fun it was! Lots of handsome Hovi's and fun.
After we took a lovely walk, we could relax on the terrace in Dwingeloo!
So nice to see many Hovi's again. And how wonderful how the Hovi's do not forget their breeder :) . Each one is recognition and lots of hugs and kisses!
We are already looking forward to another reunion in the spring :)

On October 7, 2023 we will organize another fun reunion for all Dushy's Diamond Hovi's and their proud owners!
If you want to be there, register quickly! It promises to be another successful day :)

May 28, 2023
The Pentecost show in Gorinchem was a great success, but above all a fun day for dog and owner.
Ietje with Rambo (Dushy's Diamond Casper), Charlotte with Otis (alias Dushy's Diamond Fireball), Anita with Douwe (Dushy's Diamond Dribbel) and I and my new addition Mac had agreed to make it a fun day at the show!
It was certainly fun. Rambo sometimes found it a bit too much fun and therefore left with a very good score :). But with a little practice he will definitely come out of the show excellently next time!
This was the first time for Charlotte and Otis, but they both did great! With a promising result they finished in a nice 2nd place. Mac was also judged promising and took 1st place and Best puppy. But it was an exciting match, which we will definitely do again :)!
Anita and her Douwe became best Youth and were allowed to proceed to the honorary round for best youth, in which they unfortunately had to leave the ring during the 1st round.
Mac had to compete against more than 60 other cute pups and ended up in the final 6! Unfortunately we didn't end up in the top 3, but that didn't spoil the fun! This was also the first time for us and he did great! Below are a few photos from the fun day.

March 4, 2023
Normally a special day considering my birthday :) .
But today is a doubly special day. Three top dogs (Dushy's Diamond Dribbel, Dana and Dolly Dot) went out to the dog show in Groningen today. And with success!
The judge was very charmed by Dushy's Diamond Dribble. "Very attractive male, beautiful body proportions, powerful scissor bite, very beautiful neck and back lines, powerful bone and oval feet, excellent coat condition, temperament and ring behavior." We certainly have that in our pocket! This cutie was named best male!
Dushy's Diamond Dolly Dot was praised for her beautiful feminine face and her beautiful coat and color distribution.
Just like her sister Dushy's Diamond Dayla, who was also praised for her feminine face.
All dogs were also praised for their good temperament.
When the judge was assessing both dogs, it was mentioned that these dogs came from the same litter.
To which the judge said "you have chosen a good breeder"!
I couldn't get a better compliment as a birthday present :) .
Participating is more important than winning, but very proud of the results achieved!

January 2023
Dushy's Diamond wishes all dog owners a beautiful and happy 2023!
We hope to welcome a litter with Kayla in spring/summer 2023 :)
If you are seriously interested, please contact us at http://dushysdiamond.com/Contact/
We would be happy to tell you more about this beautiful breed!

Dear Hovawart lover🐕
When I look around me, I hear more and more negative stories about Hovawart breed clubs and members who don't like each other much😔
It is often a matter of looking at the health and character of this beautiful breed. And one association has a slightly different view than another association.
However, all these people have one thing in common, the love for the Hovawart!❤🐕❤
How beautiful it would be if this love would come together with one goal,
a broader gene pool and therefore more opportunities to keep the breed intact!
Unfortunately, so far this has proven to be quite difficult.
Some members go so far as to want to ruin someone else's kennel/name, without having any knowledge of the breeder in question.
It is not surprising that there are people who would like to start breeding, but are held back by this. 😒
As a breeder, I find these developments very regrettable, but I will continue to work hard for everyone who cherishes the healthy Hovawart or wants to get acquainted with it!
Without love, no Hovawart!🙏🐕🙏

On Sunday, November 27, 2022, a number of our dogs participated in the international Dog Show in Leeuwarden. And for good reason! What a cool day and what great results!
All dogs were Promising (puppies) and the "adults" (to what extent a Hovi can be ;) Excellent! We had a wonderful, fun day together, which we will definitely do again! Below is a small impression of the great day :)

We also received the great news this week that Dushy's Diamond Dex has passed the inspection and has been admitted to training as an assistance dog!
We wish this cutie and his owners the best of luck with this wonderful journey!

August 2022
Today we received the message that Angel is pregnant!
We hope to welcome her 1st litter in October :)
Today Ivey became a mother of 10 beautiful puppies!
2 blonde males, 2 blonde females, 2 black blonde females and 4 black blonde males!
Photo will follow soon.

Today we received the beautiful news that Ivey is pregnant!
We hope to welcome the handsome E litter at the beginning of July.
More information under the heading E nest! It is currently still possible to reserve a puppy.

Good Friday April 15, 2022
Today Kayla became the mother of no fewer than 12 beautiful puppies!
Mother and children are doing well.
6 males and 6 females have been born!
More information will soon be available under the heading D Nest.

We hope to welcome a litter of Hovawart puppies from Kayla in April 2022!
On September 28, 2020, Kayla became a mom for the first time!
Mother and puppies are doing well!

Today Ivey was able to bring 9 healthy puppies into the world! Mother and children are doing great!

February 18, 2020
Congratulations to all puppies of the A-litter on the 1st birthday of your loyal, mischievous 4-footer :) Below is a happy Brody who was able to celebrate his birthday very festively!

July 2019
We expect Ivey's B-litter in the spring of 2020.
It is possible to discuss a puppy in advance and/or get to know us!

From now on, our site can be found under www.dushysdiamond.nl and www.dushysdiamond.com

04-06-2019 Kennel registration has been approved
Our kennel name was approved on June 4, 2019.


My first Hovawart was called Dushy (below is a photo of this wonderful, sweet Hovawart).

Unfortunately, due to tragic circumstances, we had to say goodbye to her far too early. We thought it would be a nice idea to name our kennel name (Dushy's Diamond) after her.