Holiday care for your four-legged friend
In addition to our breeding, we also offer day care and holiday care for your dog.
We think it is very important that the dog feels at home with us. That is why we use a maximum of 7 dogs (including our dogs) per day/period. This way your dog has all the space and attention he/she deserves. The dogs have a very spacious (play) garden at their disposal. In addition, from our location it is possible to walk into the great outdoors, which gives the dogs the opportunity to run wild for a while. There is also the option to give the dogs some rest by means of: separate accommodations.
The dogs can sniff each other, but they can also rest.
Since we consider the well-being of the dogs to be of paramount importance, we always have an introduction/trial day first.
When there is a click on both sides, concrete agreements can be made.
If desired, we can also pick up and deliver your dog for a fee (within a radius of 25 km from Emmen).
There are currently still options for weekly day care. For holiday care, I advise you to book in advance, because full = full! If you would like to reserve a place, click here
We can offer limited shelter for unneutered males.
If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us at