It's been almost 2 months since we picked up puppy Gibson from you!
Since then we have enjoyed a sweet, playful and above all healthy puppy every day.
That is why we would like to thank you very much again for the entire process.
From the first conversation we had a click with you and confidence in your approach.
We liked how we were kept informed from mating to picking up the puppy and all puppy owners can still contact you with questions via the group app.
In short, I can recommend you, Dushy's Diamond, to every Hovawart enthusiast for a healthy puppy with a very nice character.
Kind regards, Erik and Veerle and Balou Gibson!


The first meeting with Charlotte was long before we got a puppy.
We wanted a puppy around the summer holidays and it was more than worth the wait.
Charlotte informed us well in advance about the breed and after we (both sides) decided that we would like to work together, she really took us along every step of the way.
You will be kept well informed and taken into account every step of the way. After the puppies are born you can come for a maternity visit and afterwards there will be a contact moment to get to know the puppies a bit.
You can indicate your preference, but the puppy test is decisive. The latter is what we really liked, because let's be honest... ultimately you just want a puppy that suits you well and feels at home with you. She really takes her time for this.
We have come to know Charlotte as a committed and reliable breeder and if we ever want another Hovawart, we will definitely come back to her. Lady is already a real addition to our family.


Charlotte breeds very balanced dogs (even the puppy trainer is impressed), which you can also see in her own dogs.
She is honest and open and believes it is important that the dogs end up in the right place.
We only came into the picture as future owners when the puppies were four weeks old.
In this short time she guided us very well and we welcomed Mozi (George) with great confidence.
Mozi is curious, adventurous, social with people & dogs and relaxed.
He really enjoys doing things with us.
In short, we absolutely recommend Charlotte for a nice Hovawart!
Jeroen & Lisa


Gigi just went to the vet. A ten with a pencil for her breeder 🎉🎉!!!!!


The first meeting with Charlotte was by telephone. What a nice conversation and this felt very good for us.
The question was, is this breed something for us? Family with 3 children. We were allowed to come by and meet mother Kayla immediately. Well, actually, we were immediately sold. What a nice breed and what a nice breeder.
She really loves her animals and her profession.
And the best part is that we are going on a puppy course together with a brother of our Guy and hope to move on to the big Hovawart training afterwards and this is all possible with Charlotte.
We like the breed so much that we don't rule out getting a Hovawart when Guy is a little older, but we will of course do so with Dushy's Diamond. 😉
Bram, Carolien & kids


After 1.5 years without a dog, we decided to take one more dog into our home.
This time a puppy. After a search on the internet and several phone calls, we ended up at Charlotte.
We already had a good feeling during the first conversation. This was the end of January. At that moment our puppy (Olav) was still in the pen. Once we had made the decision, the long wait could begin.
Fortunately, we were allowed to participate in the hovi training. This way we could become familiar with the hovawart.
From the moment of mating until the puppy was picked up, we were kept informed frequently with photos and videos.
We could always contact Charlotte for questions (we had them) and the answer was always quick.
Now Olav has been with us for almost a week. What a sweety.
John, Carla and Olav


We got our puppy from Charlotte on December 2!
Super good experience with Charlotte and her dogs.
Well cared for and very friendly and caring for both the puppies and us.
We are very happy with it!


From the first contact with Charlotte I had a good feeling.
Charlotte has involved me in the process from the moment I visited the male. When the puppies finally arrived, the other prospective owners and I received regular updates and videos.
Patience is a virtue when it comes to waiting for the day you are told which puppy you can take home, but then you will get the right match between owner and dog.
Charlotte is a breeder who cares about her dogs. The dogs have a nice character and give you a warm welcome as a visitor.
I am very happy with my Otis (10-10-22) and we will certainly keep in touch with Charlotte.

Charlotte & Fireball


After a good friend of ours got a dog from Charlotte, we were also sold for the second time.
We already have a Hovawart, but one from Germany.
We contacted Charlotte to ask if there was any left.
Well lucky because there was 1 left!!
A male we called him Brody
And now, 3 years later, we also adopted a naughty blonde from Charlotte, named Freddy.
And so we are in possession of 3 Hovawarts.
We are very happy and satisfied with Charlot Dushy's Diamond.
If there is anything you can always call or email her.
She is a very good breeder!
With my heart in the right place and full of love for the dogs!
We hope to be able to enjoy the dogs for years to come.
Love Dennis and Sam Sam


Dear Charlotte,
what a nice, reliable, but above all committed person you are!
You want, and rightly so, that your dogs end up in good, loving hands.
Just as good as we would expect from a breeder. You involved us in everything throughout the entire process.
First an introduction to the future owners, long before any puppies were even conceived. All of this was such a beautiful adventure! We have had Cookie (Fayah) at home for a week now and she is doing so well..
We hope that she will stay with us for many years to come and enjoy it as much as we did with our previous hovawart Kulta.
Thank you Charlotte for everything!❤️

Cindy, Roger en Cookie


13 years ago we came into contact with this wonderful breed, the Hovawart. We had a blonde bitch, super sweet to everyone who knew her, she was a real sweetheart, even a real cuddly toy. But she was also super insecure, which made her anxious and difficult to interact with strange people and other dogs.
Taking her to the terrace or on holiday, for example, was actually impossible.
Unfortunately, she died much too young, she was only allowed to live to be 7 years old.
Now 6 years later we still miss a dog, buddy.
We ended up at Dushy Diamond, while there are also plenty of Hovawart breeders in Brabant.
The first introduction to Charlotte's Hovawarts was a surprise for us, they welcome us with the recognizable Hovawart sound, but super friendly, wagging tail and very cuddly, they let us onto their property without any problem.
We went to look at the puppies, Kayla the mother came to her puppies in a friendly manner, without any protective instinct, she greeted us kindly and let us look at her puppies, for us we immediately had a feeling of this, we dare to take a hovawart with us, which a friendly, gentle character for the Hovawart.
We can pick up our puppy on June 3. Charlotte listened carefully to our story about our dear Hovawart, what we encountered, which is why Charlotte chose Dushy for us. The behavioral test showed her as a confident bitch, recovers quickly after a new experience, and is a bit stubborn.
Suus, that's her name now, is now 4 months old, confident, curious, friendly, very cuddly and stubborn as a hovawart should be.
She goes on holiday with us, goes on the terrace and she is doing great.
Just the way Charlotte thinks she suits us.


We have had Skip (Davy) at home for a week now. And he's doing so well! He eats very well and sleeps well. Even at night!
And the crate stays nice and clean. He is also naughty... So a real hovawart haha!
Charlotte has carefully considered our wishes as new owners and looked at which puppy suits us best.
She has a big heart for the animals and we notice that every day at Skip.
We are very satisfied with Dushy's Diamond and Charlotte.


Thank you Charlotte for the good guidance and tips.
I'm sure we will have a lot of fun with our puppy. Keep it up!!


We are very happy with our sweet puppy Dushys Daimond Dinky, now her name is Fudge. After a long search to see what kind of dog might suit us, we came across the Hovawart. When choosing from breeders, we came to Charlotte and she spoke to us in a friendly manner and during an invitation to get to know each other better, we clicked nicely. You can also immediately see what nice dogs they are because Charlotte has 4 of them running around freely and you can cuddle with them and see what their character is like. The contact remained very good throughout the time and we were kept well informed before during and after the birth. Our puppy has been given a good basis to start her life by meeting various animals and through puppy testing. Now we can enjoy our friend for her life and we are of course very grateful to Charlotte and Kayla for that. All in all only good things ☺️ Sam & Nadine


We are the proud 'parents' of Indy, a puppy from Dushy's Diamond.
Charlotte kept us informed enthusiastically throughout the entire preliminary process.
Indy is a cheerful, mischievous puppy who approaches everything with an open mind.
This shows that Charlotte has paid a lot of attention to the important first weeks.
We hope to enjoy Indy for many years to come.


During our first introduction, Charlotte provided clear information about her dogs and expected litters. The wait for my new puppy had begun. From day 1 we were kept informed about the coverage up to and including the delivery. You will not be short of photos and videos! By also experiencing this process, the anticipation for your future puppy will be even more fun.
I had the great honor of being present during the birth. How special it is to see your own puppy being born!
Now it will be another eight (long) weeks before the puppies can go home. Fortunately, we now also receive many photos and videos! Of course we can also meet the puppies in real life and there will be an introductory day with the new owners.
Friday June 3 is the long awaited day. Dana (formerly Dayla) can come home. I am happy and Charlotte has tears in her eyes when saying goodbye. Even though you know that all puppies will go to a good new home, after eight weeks of lovingly caring for all 12 puppies, saying goodbye is difficult.
You are a breeder with a good heart!
Love Petra and Dana ♥


We have had Teun (Dushy' Diamond Dex) at home for a few days now, and we are so happy with him!
From the start we had a very pleasant contact with Charlotte, we were regularly kept informed about the puppies and received nice videos and photos. Charlotte's love for her dogs radiates from it, and together with Kayla she has created a super nice, safe base for Teun! Definitely recommended if you are looking for a beautiful Hovawart that comes from a warm and, above all, loving nest!
Greetings Anouk


In April we had to put our Hovawart Shiva to sleep, she was over 12 years old.
We fell in love with this wonderful breed because of the character and intelligence of these dogs. At first we wanted to wait for a new dog, but a customer of our pet shop, the Kortlever Family, informed us that their breeder, Charlotte, had another litter of Hovawarts.
We contacted her immediately and got on the list.
Our first introduction to Dushy's Diamond was very pleasant. We were warmly welcomed by 3 wonderful Hovawarts and Charlotte. We were always well informed during the pregnancy and growing up of the young puppies, with nice photos and videos. Charlotte is very committed and a good breeder where no effort is too much. Now 12 weeks later we have a darling Hovawart, Pleun, who is already part of our family.
Kind regards, Sijlia and Bert van Zandwijk

We are very satisfied with Dushy's Diamond / Charlotte.
From the first moment there was good contact between Charlotte and us.
She gave us a trusted and honest feeling about purchasing our first Hovawart puppy.
We were constantly informed from mating to birth, until we could lovingly hold our puppy in our arms.
We also very much appreciated that we had the opportunity to make a few visits.
The guidance and administrative handling by breeder Charlotte is professional, fantastic and recommended.
Kind regards, Sam & Clasina Jansen
Living in Nieuwland

We are so happy with our new family member Fender (Dushy's Diamond Cooper). House trained from day 1, cuddly, affectionate, but also able to entertain themselves right away. A really great puppy! All thanks to Charlotte and mom Kayla!
Her choices in the lines she breeds are paying off; All beautiful, sweet and eager to learn puppies.
When we met Charlotte, it felt good from moment 1. The conversation was of course about the love for dogs and other animals, but also soon about our private lives outside of animal love. We get along very well and that contact remains. Not only because of the dogs, all the answers to our questions and tips that Charlotte gives, but we really feel like we have gained a friend! Charlotte is someone who follows her heart and feelings, this works out so well that we can completely trust her and so you see; All's well that ends well.
We are extremely grateful for all the good care and love that (Fender) Cooper received from Charlotte in the first 8 weeks of his life, and now when we visit each other again.
Robbin & Carla

We ended up at Charlotte via a detour.
We had no experience with Hovawarts yet, but we clicked immediately with Charlotte and her 3 lovely ladies! We were in love and with all the information, tips and tricks from Charlotte we had confidence.
We were allowed to visit the puppies three times, who had their own enclosure and were able to romp, develop and play wonderfully.
The contact went very well. We were kept informed with messages and photos and could ask any questions. Toilet training has also been stimulated and this went very well in his new home!
We have a lovely puppy that suits us well because of the puppy test and Charlotte's view of it. We are very happy with our Joep and he is developing and growing like crazy! Charlotte, thank you very much for the good care!!
Florentien and Terence

Hi Charlotte.
We have had our hovawart puppy Banjer, (Dushy's Diamond Beau-no) for a week now.
Thank you for all the good and intensive care surrounding this nest. You give your dogs and puppies what they need and go through fire for them. We are very happy with our healthy, stable dog, who loves playing outside.
We picked up the last puppy from the litter and you stood there with a lump in your throat. Is there any better proof of really good care? Thank you for a great puppy start and good luck with your beautiful dogs!
Balk family

On Friday, July 24, 2020, the time had finally come! BamBam, baptized Syb by us, turned 8 weeks old and was allowed to be picked up. We had been looking forward to this for so long!
Syb is a sweet, calm and well-socialized Hovawart. He loves people and our other Hovawart and adapted very quickly to his new family. Charlotte kept us wonderfully informed about the ups and downs of the (future) litter throughout the entire process, both via the app and her website.
She does everything she can to raise her puppies healthily and raises them with lots of love. She also provides future owners with advice and assistance. She looks carefully at which family which puppy suits.
In short, we have gained a wonderful dog and a breeder with a love for her profession. Thanks Charlotte!
Erik. Danielle, Bente and Eise Beek

We came into contact with Charlotte in February 2020.
After a nice conversation we quickly agreed that we would really like a Hovawart puppy from Ivey.
What a beautiful, sweet dog. An exciting time followed, during which Charlotte kept us informed via the blog and WhatsApp. There was a weekly update on how things were going, and we often received some extra photos and videos via WhatsApp.
At the end of May the puppies were finally born. Due to corona, everything has been slightly different than normal, and Ivey and the puppies have also had to endure a lot. It has become clear to us that Charlotte would do anything for her dogs. And how fun they turned out! We are very happy with our Kes and can still contact Charlotte with any questions. We really like this since it is our first dog. All in all, we are very happy that we chose Charlotte!
Greetings Rob & Anne

After our beautiful Hovawart passed away last year, we started looking for another Hovawart puppy this year.
After some research we came into contact with Charlotte. There has been very pleasant contact on both sides from the start.
She more than lives up to her slogan “where love, care and well-being are of paramount importance for the Hovawart. We were kept well informed of all details from start to finish and beyond. In the meantime we have a Beauty of a puppy walking around.
Thanks for everything.
Kortlever family

I've wanted a Hovawart for a long time and saw Charlotte's site. Called and there was an immediate click. Her approach and care really appealed to us. This has remained the case throughout the entire process of coverage, pregnancy, birth and now aftercare. There was frequent contact and it felt very connected. She wants to know who you are as an owner and tells you what she expects from you for her puppies.
The time and work that Charlotte has put into this litter is now reflected in the quality of all 9 puppies.
What we would like to mention are the compliments that our vet made for Charlotte.
The DA was very impressed with the health of our Mickey, how relaxed she was, the nutrition given, all the information available about her. She found Charlotte's care and involvement admirable. (because unfortunately she sees sick or weak puppies at her consultation hours far too often)
Charlotte thanks for all your good care, you are great!
Lots of love from Ruby, Ronald, Wies, Morris and Mickey.
"Go Puppies"

Our search for a puppy...
After meeting a Hovawart in our area, we were completely enthusiastic about the dog.
Shortly afterwards we saw an advertisement for Puppy instead of Dushy's Diamond. After reading the website and especially the diary nest A we were even more enthusiastic, it felt so good. Completed the contact form and waiting for a response. Fortunately, the call came quickly and we had a nice conversation. .
Met Ivey and Charlotte on February 1, that meeting was also nice. Now we had to wait to see when Ivey would come into heat and eventually be mated. It was great that there was a lot of App contact and an extensive story on the website every week. It remained exciting because of the Corona etc. In the 6th week we were allowed to meet the puppies with 2 people. This was fun but also very unnatural because we were not allowed to touch them.
Charlotte kept us very well informed throughout the entire process and was always available to speak to us.
Bijoux has now been with us for a week and is doing very well. We are very happy to have a dog at home again after 8 months😊

After searching the internet, I contacted Charlotte.
A very nice and pleasant conversation was the start of an intensive and wonderful time. After the mating went well with Ivey, despite Corona in Berlin, it became more and more exciting..
Did it work? How many puppies will there be?
Charlotte has kept us informed every week, and often even more.
After the birth it became clear that we would be having a male. Our greatest wish!
Lots of compliments for Charlotte and certainly following her feelings. Everything was right.
The choice of which male, what would suit best and what we could handle after 2 previous hovawarts.
She lives up to her slogan more than 100%.
Kind regards, Mulder family from Nijmegen.

What a beautiful, social and bright dog we got!
The preliminary process was fascinating and interesting to experience.
It was exciting to know whether or not Ivey is there a blonde bitch with her?
Until finally the redeeming phone call came, 9 puppies, of which 1 was a blonde female. Unbelievable, she belongs to us, what wonderful news.
There was a weekly update and nice photos in between so that we became connected with our little one.
What a beautiful way of bonding that we will of course continue.
Many thanks for the beautiful, interesting and patient guidance.


Our puppy was born on February 18, 2019, a Hovawart male.
We were able to reserve a male well in advance. There were 3 and they were all equally cute. Although I did immediately click with 1 of the males after a number of maternity visits, 4 in total.
But we had to wait for the behavioral tests and assessment of which of the puppies suited us best.
And that turned out to be the puppy I had fallen for. The visiting days were very nice and Charlotte told a lot about her Hovawart and puppies. They were/are all pictures too😍.
It was very nice to experience that process from birth to the moment of taking the puppy home.
We are still in regular contact to see how things are going.
My Hovawart puppy is now a cool boy of 9.5 months.
He is naughty, wild and super sweet.
How I love that villain!
Greetings Gery and a paw from Jax

The first contacts were made in March after a conversation in which Charlotte was able to see whether you could possibly choose a puppy, we visited.
Here you could really see what love Charlotte has for the animals. She was well prepared and informed with everything and even though it was her first litter, hats off to her for how she did it all!
Before we were allowed to pick up the puppy, we had an afternoon together with all the other new puppy owners in early April. A day in which we received a lot of information from the Hovawart association. This was very nice so that you were well prepared before the puppy arrived.
Behavioral tests were also done on this day.
What I also really liked was that you could of course say whether you wanted a male or female, and that you could express your preference as to which puppy you wanted. But the behavioral test was used to determine which puppy would best fit into which family situation.
Charlotte was very hospitable (everything was at her home).
After this afternoon it was finally announced which puppy would go with whom.
And then in April we were the first to pick up our sweet moos. We also received information here and everything was super organised!
In October we had a super fun afternoon with all his brothers and sisters at the Hovawart Association, this was also really fun.
In everything you can see, feel and notice how much love Charlotte has for her animals, it is professional, clean and she is very flexible!
Moos has been with us for over 3/4 years now and we still have contact every now and then through a photo. Out of sight is certainly not out of mind with her!
Thank you dear Charlotte and Ivey for the beautiful dog we have, we are still very happy with it every day 🐶❤😘 Ilona

As a family with two children, we got our first dog from Charlotte.
She kept us very well informed throughout the entire process and sent many photos.
We were also allowed to visit often after the puppies were born. She has a lot of knowledge about the Hovawart and you can ask her anything. She took great care of the puppies and... a behavioral test properly assessed which puppy suited our family best.
Even after picking up our puppy, we could always contact her with questions.
In short, we are very satisfied with Charlotte and very happy with our Tess!

At the beginning of February 2020 we visited Charlotte to meet her and her dogs Ivey and Angel.
We were warmly welcomed. Charlotte took the time to tell us how she breeds, how she handles her dogs, but also what she expects from future puppy owners.
Ivey and Angel are typical Hovawarts: quiet, expectant of strangers, but friendly and cuddly when done right.
We chose Charlotte as a breeder because she handles her dogs well, the dogs live in a tidy environment and she breeds a friendly and stable Hovawart. What is also nice is that Charlotte responds quickly and clearly to questions.
This year, due to circumstances, we are unable to offer a puppy a good home, but we hope to welcome a puppy next year with Charlotte and one of her Hovawart ladies.
Wendy & Marco