How are the puppies doing

On Sunday, February 5, 2023 we had another wonderful reunion with a lot of descendants of our beautiful ladies :). What a cool sight it was to see dozens of dog paws running through the sand! The blondes were also well present, cool to see :D
Despite the wind, it was a great time and we can look back on a very pleasant meeting.
The next meeting is in the making :) .
Below are some photos of the great reunion by the sea!!

On Saturday September 10, 2022 we had a fun day with all dog owners
of all Dushy's Diamond nests! Below is an impression of the successful day :)

On September 25, 2021 the time had finally come! After annoying times of corona, we were finally allowed to get together again.
What a successful day it was with wonderful summer temperatures. The dogs loved meeting each other again, just like their owners :) .
The dogs were also allowed to run a course together with their owners. As a breeder, I can clearly see how the dogs react and get a lot of information from this. It was an educational and fun day!

If circumstances permit in times of corona, I will visit the placed greats here and there!
Nice to see how they grow up with their new owners!
Below are a few photos of fun encounters!


The C nest group app will once again contain nice photos and videos of the rascals!
We hope to meet each other during the year 2021 and see how the dogs develop.
Nice to see that several puppies are on a course together. Always fun to stir things up!
Below are a few photos of the ladies and gentlemen.


The B nest group app regularly contains fun photos and videos of the growing teenagers!
We hope to meet each other at the beginning of 2021 and see how the rascals develop.
Below are a few photos of the ladies and gentlemen.

I regularly receive nice messages from the new owners of the A-litter.
The puppies are now growing nicely and entering puberty :)
Below are some nice pictures of the rascals!
A reunion will take place on Sunday, October 6, 2019. Behavioral tests will also be taken. Very nice to see all the brothers and sisters together again! Below is a report of the successful reunion.